Born Romantic (2000)

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Born Romantic is a 2000 British film directed by David Kane. The film is centered around a salsa club. Fergus is trying to find his ex-girlfriend, the elderly charmer Frankie the beautiful Eleanor and the robber Eddie is trying to find one of his victims, cemetery worker Jocelyn. Salsa dancing and 'El Corazon', a London Salsa Club provide the backdrop for the love-inspired efforts of three unlikely romantics: Fergus (David Morrissey), who arrives in London from his native Liverpool, on a search for Maureen ('Mo') Docherty (Jane Horrocks), the high-school sweetheart he jilted years ago. Eddie (Jimi Mistry), the incompetent mugger who falls for Jocelyn (Catherine McCormack), the neurotic "absentee grave tender" (she tends the graves of loved ones for people who cannot). Frankie (Craig Ferguson), a hopeless romantic trapped in the fifties and still sharing a house with his ex. He pursues the elegant and snobbish Eleanor (Olivia Williams), art restorer by day and Salsa dancer by night. All are connected by Jimmy (Adrian Lester), a cab driver, and a place, 'El Corazon'. The film features various (London) locations, including the interior of the British Museum.


Kooky, nutty, cheesy… David Kane’s Born Romantic is all over the romantic map as it tries to weave together three, four, or more Brit-love stories. Some are hit and miss, and the women in the movie (Jane Horrocks, Catherine McCormack, Olivia Williams) generally run rings around the blokes (in terms of acting ability, anyway). Altogether the movie never really gels, coming together like a cross between episodes of Coupling and Benny Hill.

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