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The Nameless (1999)


If Darkness confused you, you’ll be completely baffled by The Nameless, Jaume Balagueró’s inscrutible first feature from 1999. The story starts with the brutal murder of a six-year-old girl with one leg longer than the other. Years later, her mom (Emma Vilarasau, the Spanish Melanie Meyron) gets a phone call, purportedly from the girl, saying she’s still alive. Ultimately she and a friend — who repeatedly decide not to go to the police — discover a secret society of killers (‘The Nameless’) who get their jollies out of murdering people in unspeakable ways.

The Nameless features some of the worst decision-making you might ever see on film, all intercut with random shots taken from the proverbial Nine Inch Nails video. Stick around to the end and some of this might start to make a little sense (think Rosemary’s Baby). Most viewers will probably give up well before the first act is over — and I couldn’t blame you for that.

Aka Los sin nombre.