Gorgeous (1999)

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Gorgeous (Chinese: 玻璃樽) is a 1999 Hong Kong martial arts action romantic comedy film written and directed by Vincent Kok (who played Lo's assistant), and also written and produced by Jackie Chan, and starring Chan, Shu Qi, Emil Chau and Tony Leung. Chan had long wanted to be involved in drama films, but had constantly been dissuaded by Leonard Ho, one of the founders of Golden Harvest and Chan's godfather. Ho had argued that to ensure success in his films, Chan should play to his fanbase by only doing action movies and avoiding the love scenes that may alienate certain markets (notably Japan). Ho died on 16 February 1998 and Chan left Golden Harvest soon after, seeking a change and a new freedom to make the films he really wanted to. This coincided with his growing fame in the West, due to the international success of the film Rush Hour. Gorgeous was originally conceived purely as a love story, with Chan as producer, but not as one of the film's cast. In order to secure the actress Shu Qi, the script of the film was re-written and a role for Chan was created. This soon developed into a starring role, and elements of action crept in.

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