Virtual Girl (1998)

Description   [from Freebase]

Virtual Girl is a 1998 science fiction thriller film about a virtual reality video game of the same name that features a girl (woman) named Virtuality who becomes self-aware and very jealous, killing people who get in the way of being with the man she loves. The film was directed by Richard Gabai. A sequel, Virtual Girl 2: Virtual Vegas, was released in 2001.


I see a lot of awful movies, but Virtual Girl is a real piece of work.

Here we’ve got a computer programmer named John (Max Dixon), who’s working on a virtual sex program. Tragic then that the virtual creation (Charlie Curtis) starts wreaking havoc on John’s life outside the program — that means setting off the burglar alarm at his house and, ultimately, attempting to zap his wife via the medical equipment around her while she’s in the hospital.

The film is steadily absurd for its entire running time, and its only curiosity comes when Curtis shows up in a second role as Dixon’s new boss. Turns out the original programmers based the virtual girl on their draconian boss, who returns to the company later in the film.

That lttle twist can’t carry the movie terribly far, unfortunately. though Curtis’s pneumatic chest is good for a few eyebrow-raising moments. The CGI effects — which we’re subjected to whenever John is in the VR system — are ambitious (and are used to pad the film out considerably to squeak it to 80 minutes of running time) yet ultimately laughable.

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