Jack Frost (1998)

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Jack Frost is a 1998 Christmas comedy drama film, starring Michael Keaton and Kelly Preston. Keaton stars as the title character, a man who dies in a car accident and comes back to life as a snowman. Three of Frank Zappa's four children: Dweezil Zappa, Ahmet Zappa, and Moon Unit Zappa, appear in the film. In the United States the film is rated PG by the MPAA. Jack Frost (Michael Keaton) is the lead singer in a band simply titled "The Jack Frost Band", based in the fictional town of Medford, Colorado, who make their living performing blues covers and an assortment of their own songs in the hope of signing a record deal. He then returns to his son Charlie (Joseph Cross), who has just returned from an epic snowball fight against the bully Rory Buck (Taylor Handley). They spend some quality time by building a snowman in their front yard. Afterward, Jack tucks Charlie into bed and gives him a harmonica, which he tells Charlie he got the day Charlie was born. He then jokes with Charlie, telling him that it's magical, and he'll be able to hear the harmonica wherever he is. Jack promises his wife Gabby (Kelly Preston) that he will attend his son's hockey game.


In this Christmas tale, a Colorado blues singer named Jack Frost (Michael Keaton) gets his big break on Christmas Day and has to abandon his family to sign a record deal. Unfortunately, a storm hits causing his car to go off the road and results in a fatal accident. But since this a holiday heart-warmer, Jack comes back to life as a snowman. In his new frozen form he tries not to melt and attempts to get in some quality time with son Charlie (Joseph Cross) which includes hockey lessons with a tree branch.

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