Fled (1996)

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Fled is a 1996 action film directed by Kevin Hooks. A remake of the 1958 film The Defiant Ones, the film stars Laurence Fishburne and Stephen Baldwin as a pair of escaped criminals on the run from the police, corrupt officials and the Cuban Mafia. Charles Piper (Laurence Fishburne) and Mark Dodge (Stephen Baldwin) are two convicts who end up shackled together due to fighting, the pervert Mill who incited the fight then steals a gun from an officer and wipes out half of the officers. Piper and Dodge take off and soon the Attorney General's office has U.S. Marshal Pat Schiller (Robert John Burke) on the case. Informed of the escape, local cop Matthew "Gib" Gibson (Will Patton) starts getting suspicious of the feds' interest in Dodge, who Gibson had earlier arrested. Gibson finds that Dodge has a hidden computer disk that contains information that could be very damaging to Cuban crime boss Frank Mantajano (Michael Nader). Piper, who turns out to be a cop on the case, and Dodge must stay out of the clutches of Mantajano's hit man Rico Santiago (Victor Rivers), and corrupt federal agents who want to retrieve the disk.


Drivel attempt at remaking Midnight Run, sans humor or decent acting. Or even a decent title.

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