Sarah... Ang Munting Prinsesa (1995)

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This article is about the Filipino film. For other uses, see Little Princess Sarah... Ang Munting Prinsesa (lit. means Sarah... The Little Princess) is a 1995 Filipino family-drama film adapted from a popular anime Princess Sarah which in turn based on the children's novel A Little Princess by English playwright and author Frances Hodgson Burnett. The film was directed by Romy Suzarra and starred then-child star Camille Prats as Sara Crewe, Angelica Panganiban as Becky and Jean Garcia as Ms. Minchin. Sarah Crewe (Camille Pratts) was born in India, and now she's board schooling in England. Leaving, is rather hard for Sara and so his dad buy her a doll. Sarah then, quickly becomes the centre of attention at school. Befriends almost all students, excluding Lavinia (Angelica Pederson) and her friends, even Becky(Angelica Panganiban) the school skivvy. On Sarah's birthday sadly, someone said that her father had died in the war, yearning for money, Miss Minchin turned to Sarah gets all of her possessions, and throw her away in the attic for her room.

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