Flesh and Bone (1993)

Description   [from Freebase]

Flesh and Bone is a 1993 film noir drama written and directed by Steve Kloves that stars Meg Ryan, Dennis Quaid and James Caan. Gwyneth Paltrow is featured in an early role. Janet Maslin of the New York Times described Paltrow as a scene-stealer "who is Blythe Danner's daughter and has her mother's way of making a camera fall in love with her." A family in rural Texas finds a boy who says he is lost. They take him into their home, feed him, and give a place to sleep. But the boy later lets his father, Roy (James Caan), into the house to commit a robbery. When they are discovered, Roy brutally murders the family members, which the boy witnesses. The sole surviving member of the family is a baby girl. Time passes, and Arlis (Dennis Quaid) lives a solitary life in which he drives a truckload of goods and novelties to restock his vending machines and arcade games in roadside stores and restaurants across Texas. While restocking his machines at a roadhouse where a rowdy party is being held, he meets Kay (Meg Ryan), a woman who pops up out of a cake at the party and then passes out since she had been imbibing liquor while in the cake.

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