Edge of Honor (1991)

Description   [from Freebase]

Edge Of Honor is a 1991 drama / thriller movie directed by Michael Spence who also directed The Dread (2007). The film stars Corey Feldman, Don Swayze, Scott Reeves and Ken Jenkins. The film begins with an account of impoverished families living on the North-West coast of the United States having taken up arms smuggling to support themselves and their families. A group of said smugglers have just received a shipment of high tech weapons, including one-man portable rocket launchers, but are intercepted and slaughtered by a rival group who take the weapons for themselves. One member of the first group escapes, but is tracked down and killed, along with his wife; only their daughter Alex escapes. A group of scouts on a camping trip in the rainforest stumble upon a cache of the aforementioned rocket launchers hidden in a shack. Taking some of the weapons for fun, they accidentally drop a map showing their base camp. The arms smugglers arrive at the shack soon after the boys leave. Using the map the boys dropped, the smugglers arrive at the scout camp to retrieve the weapons. When the scouts react with non-understanding, violence ensues and several of the scouts are killed.

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