Miami Blues (1990)

Description   [from Freebase]

Miami Blues is a 1990 action-crime-thriller-film based on the novel of the same name by Charles Willeford. It stars Alec Baldwin, Fred Ward, and Jennifer Jason Leigh. It was directed by George Armitage. Ward was also the executive producer. Frederick Frenger, Jr. (who asks to be called "Junior"), a violent psychopath recently released from a California prison, starts a new life in Miami. Before leaving the airport, he steals luggage and kills a Hare Krishna after breaking his finger. Junior checks into a hotel and hooks up with Susie Waggoner, a naive prostitute who is a student at a community college. They become romantically involved and take a house together, with Susie blissfully unaware of Junior's criminal activities and harboring fantasies of living happily ever after. An investigation of the Hare Krishna murder leads grizzled cop Sgt. Hoke Moseley to come knocking on their door. Moseley shares a home-cooked dinner with the couple, upon Susie's suggestion, and plays it cool while seemingly indicating to Junior that he's on to him. He overtly suspects Junior has been in prison and wants him to come to the police station for a lineup.


Bizarre black comedy teams Alec Baldwin with Jennifer Jason Leigh in hot Miami. He’s a crook that’s new to town, she’s a hooker with a heart of gold and a brain of coal. Against his promise, Baldwin continues his evil ways, stealing the badge of cop Fred Ward and using it to enhance his crime spree even further. Bloody, sarcastic, and oddly compelling.

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