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Predator (1987)


The formula behind Predator involves a half-dozen hulking, overconfident U.S. commandos (led by Arnold Schwarzenegger) who travel to an isolated location in the Mexican jungle to rescue hostages from terrorists. After completing the mission without difficulty, a few surprises erupt. First, they discover that one of the commandos had a personal agenda in completing the mission. Second, the commandos begin meeting grisly demises. One by one, they fall prey to an unseen jungle predator. But who — or what –– is killing them, and why?

Initially, it appears that the enemy is a renegade terrorist, admirably camouflaged in the jungle surroundings. When a commando spots glowing eyes floating through the jungle, however, it becomes apparent that a terrorist isn’t hunting them. It’s something far worse. “There’s something out there waiting for us, and it ain’t no man,” a commando mutters to his team. Indeed, it ain’t no man. It’s an alien from outer space that has traveled to earth to hunt humans for sport.

While it is marketed as a sci-fi horror film, Predator is basically just an action flick with well-crafted action sequences from director John McTiernan. Predator became a launching pad for several actor/politicians. Schwarzenegger famously got himself elected Governor of California, and Jesse Ventura was elected Governor of Minnesota in 1998. Additionally, Sonny Landham ran an unsuccessful campaign for Governor of Kentucky in 2003. Coincidence? We’re convinced the predator had connections.