Aenigma (1987)

Description   [from Freebase]

Aenigma is a 1987 Italian horror film. It was directed by Lucio Fulci. After her snobby schoolmates accidentally send her into a coma, poor little Kathy has only one way to get even--with her mind. Eva, another schoolgirl, falls under the spell of Kathy's vengeful psyche, which is capable of horrible destruction using telekinesis and even killer snails to do her bidding. Soon the hallways at St. Mary's School are filled with screaming, and there's no way to escape. The film was released theatrically in its native Italy in 1988. Image Entertainment released the film in America for the first time in 2001 on DVD as part of their "EuroShock Collection." The DVD release is currently out-of-print.

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