Tough Guys (1986)

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Tough Guys is a 1986 comedy starring Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas, Eli Wallach and Dana Carvey. It was directed by Jeff Kanew. Lancaster and Douglas made several films together, including I Walk Alone (1948), Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (1957), The Devil's Disciple (1959), and Seven Days in May (1964), becoming something of a team in the public's eye. Douglas was always second-billed under Lancaster but, with the exception of I Walk Alone, in which Douglas played a villain, their roles were more or less the same size. Tough Guys was their final collaboration. Upon its digital release in 2011, film critic Andrew Moser called Tough Guys "The best film you've never seen", and named it the top film of the 1980s. Adolph Caesar was slated to appear in this film but died from complications from a heart attack before the film was finished. Harry Doyle (Lancaster) and Archie Long (Douglas) are gangsters who have served a 30-year prison sentence for hijacking a Southern Pacific train called The Gold Coast Flyer, ready to collect their Social Security. Upon release, they are briefed on how their new lives will be.


Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas are retired train robbers — deeply retired, as in nursing home-retired) — and they long to rid themselves of the gruel at mealtimes and menial jobs they’re suffering through. So they do what comes naturally, rob a train, even if it is 1986. At its funniest when the heroes face the horrors of modern life, Tough Guys is a wink and a nod to two great actors with a legendary body of work between them. That they can make fun of themselves makes for a rewarding, if clumsy, experience.

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