Maa Bhoomi (1979)

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Maa Bhoomi (Telugu: మా భూమి, English: Our land) is a 1979 Telugu film based on the Telengana Rebellion in Hyderabad State. It also depicts a typical life of villagers under feudalistic society in Telangana region. It was the first feature film of acclaimed Indian diector Goutam Ghose. The film is based on the Hindi/Urdu story written by Krishan Chander, Jab Khet Jaage. Ramaiah (Sai Chand) is a young peasant. He rebels against the corrupt Nizam rule in Hyderabad. When his girl friend has to submit to sexual coercion by the officials, he befriends with the Communists and participates in the independence struggle. The peasants take over the village after the Indian Independence. The Nizam perpetuates a massacre over the villagers. The Indian army marched into Hyderabad and suppressed them by Police action in 1948. The landlords returned to power by joining Congress government. The peasants had to face the same struggle all over against the political landlords.

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