Tribes (1970)

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Tribes, also known as The Soldier Who Declared Peace (UK), is a 1970 television film, broadcast as an ABC Movie of the Week directed by Joseph Sargent. A big ratings success when it first aired November 10, 1970, Tribes was later released theatrically in Britain and Europe under the title The Soldier Who Declared Peace. Tribes has been released on VHS, but, as of 2010, has not been released on DVD. Tribes tells the story of Private Adrian (portrayed by Jan-Michael Vincent), a young United States Marine Corps Vietnam war era draftee who, despite being an anti-war hippie, reluctantly reports to boot camp to fulfill his duty as an American. Adrian naturally excels as a leader, though his pacifist ideology presents continuing conflicts between himself and his drill instructor. Adrian's drill instructor, Gunnery Sgt. Thomas Drake (portrayed by Darren McGavin), quickly recognizes Adrian's leadership qualities, but is conflicted as he grows to respect Adrian while also realizing that he represents everything Adrian opposes. At one point, Adrian points out that his love of meditation is similar to Drake's drawing to relax, indicating a sketch of a flying bird.

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