Jason and the Argonauts (1963)

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Jason and the Argonauts is a 1963 Columbia Pictures fantasy feature film starring Todd Armstrong as the titular mythical Greek hero in a story about his quest for the Golden Fleece. Directed by Don Chaffey in collaboration with stop motion animation expert Ray Harryhausen, the film is noted for its stop-motion creatures, and particularly the iconic fight with the skeletons. The score was composed by Bernard Herrmann, who also worked on other fantasy films with Harryhausen, such as Mysterious Island and The 7th Voyage of Sinbad. The working title was Jason and the Golden Fleece. Pelias (Douglas Wilmer), under the protection of the god Zeus (Niall MacGinnis), usurps the throne of Thessaly by storming the palace of King Aristo and killing him; but learns a prophecy that he will be overthrown by a child of Aristo wearing one sandal. Pelias later angers the goddess Hera (Honor Blackman) by killing one of Aristo's daughters, Briseis (Davina Taylor), despite having her protection and while praying in her temple.


Jason and the Argonauts

Ray Harryhausen’s finest hour is a fun and classic romp through the classics, with our man Jason (Todd Armstrong) on the hunt for the Golden Fleece — while dodging dozens of claymation monsters along the way. As a kid, stop-motion movies were the only kind we ever made, so Jason will always have a warm spot in my heart, even if you can’t help but be amused by its production values today.

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