3 Ring Circus (1954)

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3 Ring Circus is a 1954 film comedy starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. It was shot from February 17 to March 31, 1954 and released on December 25 by Paramount Pictures. The film was the first starring Martin and Lewis to be shot in VistaVision. A clip from it was shown in a promotional short film, Paramount Presents VistaVision. Peter Nelson and Jerry Hotchkiss have just gotten out of the army. Hotchkiss decides to use the G.I. Bill to become a lion tamer. He gets a job with the Clyde Brent Circus (in reality the Clyde Beatty Circus), whose owner, Jill Brent, is in financial difficulties. Nelson tags along. Hotchkiss, while learning the lion trade, also does odd jobs at the circus, including filling in for the Human Cannonball. His real dream is to become a circus clown. Nelson, meanwhile, is shown a romantic interest by Saadia, Queen of the Trapeze, and quickly gets a job as her assistant. Brent has also shown interest in Nelson and becomes jealous. Hotchkiss finds Puffo the Clown in a drunken state, so he seizes the opportunity and fills in for Puffo. He takes the name "Jerrico the Wonder Clown" and becomes the new star of the circus.

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