Cosh Boy (1953)

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Cosh Boy is a 1953 British film starring James Kenney, Joan Collins, Hermione Baddeley, Hermione Gingold, Betty Ann Davies and Robert Ayres. It was directed by Lewis Gilbert, and produced by Daniel M. Angel. Based on an original play by Bruce Walker, the film tells of the exploits of 16-year-old delinquent youth Roy Walsh (James Kenney) and his gang in post-World War II London. The gang starts off by mugging women. Later, Roy becomes infatuated with Rene, the sister of one of the gang members. Already having a boyfriend, Brian, she rejects Roy, to his fury. Later the gang beat up Brian. Roy menaces Rene, who eventually submits to him. When she informs him that he has made her pregnant, and urges him to marry her, he decides he wants nothing more to do with her. Roy's mother, Elsie Walsh (Betty Ann Davies), is involved with Canadian Bob Stevens (Robert Ayres), who urges her to marry him so he can take Roy "in hand" before it's too late. Roy hates Bob. Bob works as an assistant manager at the Palidrome dance hall, which becomes a target for the gang. Another member of staff appears on the scene, and is shot and wounded by the gang.

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