Copacabana (1947)

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Copacabana is a 1947 musical comedy film starring Groucho Marx and Carmen Miranda. The film is a showcase for Miranda, who performs several numbers in her usual style, including a high-energy rendition of "Tico-Tico". Groucho, as Lionel, her fiance and agent, by then was wearing a normal mustache in real life, but he also sings a song, "Go West, Young Man", wearing his traditional greasepaint brows and mustache, and baggy suit. This was Groucho's first significant film appearance as a solo act, minus Harpo and Chico. Anne (Gloria Jean), at the urging of Andy, sings a song called "Stranger Things Have Happened", admitting her unrequited love for her employer, Steve. Lionel Devereaux and Carmen Navarro (who have been engaged for ten years) are highly unsuccessful nightclub performers, due to Lionel's total lack of talent. In desperation, he pretends to be a successful show business agent and tries to persuade a nightclub owner to engage Carmen. But Steve, the owner, isn't interested in a dancer and wants a chanteuse. Carmen pretends to be an exotic veiled French singer 'Mlle Fifi' and gets the job, but then the club also engages Carmen in her real persona.


Marx and Miranda!?

That’s right: The cigar meets the fruit basket headdress in a bizarre slapstick musical, with Groucho starring as an agent who convinces his only client (Miranda) to masquerade as two nightclub singers so she can get double pay.

Groucho is unfortunately without his brothers, and the picture gets a little thin when Marx isn’t cracking wise. Rather, the musical numbers consume much of the picture, and the latter half focuses on a musical sub-story love affair between two minor characters, one of whom is Andy Russell (as himself). Miranda’s moonlighting is only good for so many laughs — about the 30 minutes it would take to fill a sitcom episode.

Otherwise, Miranda proves she can play a decent foil to Marx, who is on top of his game when it comes to witty repartee with a cast of otherwise nobodies. Worth a chuckle.

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