Tony Moran

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Tony Moran (born August 14, 1957) is an American actor and producer. He is remembered for being the face of Michael Myers in the 1978 horror classic Halloween. Since then he has gone on to make guest appearances in television series' The Waltons and CHiPs. He is the older brother of actress Erin Moran of Happy Days fame, and actor John Moran. Tony Moran was a struggling actor and had done a few things before he got the role as Michael Myers in Halloween. At the time he had a job on the Hollywood and Vine dressed up a Frankenstein. Moran had the same agent as his sister, Erin, who played Joanie Cunningham on Happy Days. He was staying with a friend and sleeping on his couch. When Moran went to audition for the role os Michael Myers in 1978, he met for an interview with director John Carpenter and producer Irwin Yablans, he later got a call back and was told he had got the part. Moran was paid $250 for his brief appearance in Halloween and decided not to return for any of the sequels, although, he was paid for his appearance at the beginning of Halloween II, which was a recap of the first film. Moran acted until he was 30, he then went out to Hollywood, and went underground.
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