Stuart Holmes

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Joseph Liebchen (March 10, 1884, Chicago, Illinois – December 29, 1971, Hollywood, California) was an American actor whose career spanned 7 decades, appearing in almost 450 films between 1909 and 1964. He is sometimes credited as Stewart Holmes. Motion Picture News, November 8, 1919 In these days when every motion picture alternates from "long shots" to "close-ups" so smoothly and so frequently that we are almost unconscious of the changes, most of us have forgotten that there was ever a time when the entire film was run off without a single more intimate glimpse of the players than could be obtained in full length position. What! Cut the characters in half and show only their faces? Ridiculous! And then just about the time that Griffith decided to attempt this very peculiarity, a "close-up *' that was unavoidable saved a job for Stuart Holmes. We were chatting in his dressing room, between scenes in "The Isle of Jewels," while he attempted to put the finishing touches on the white marble bust of his mother that has evidently been occupying most of his spare time for many past hours.

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