Steve Franken

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Steven Franken, sometimes spelled Stephen Franken (born May 27, 1932) is an American actor who has appeared on screen and television for a half century. He is the cousin of Al Franken. Franken was born in Brooklyn, New York. His first role was at the age of twenty-six in 1958 as "Willie" in CBS's Playhouse 90 dramatic series. He is best remembered for his role of the playboy dilettante Chatsworth Osborne, Jr., on the CBS series The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis. Franken starred in thirty-five Dobie Gillis episodes beginning midway through the first season and continuing throughout the second, third, and fourth seasons, 1960-1963. Doris Packer, a talented character actress, played his mother, a wealthy matron who disgustedly referred to Chatsworth as "you nasty, nasty boy", as he called her affectionately "Mumsey" in the English tradition. Franken was already twenty-eight when he began the role of Chatsworth, a 17-year-old at the time. The Osbornes lived in a mansion surrounded by a wall embedded with broken glass to keep out the undesirables. Chatsworth supposedly spoke eighteen languages, including the then little-mentioned Mandarin Chinese found only on certain vases.
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