Robert Wall

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Robert Alan "Bob" Wall (born August 22, 1939) is an American actor and martial artist. Wall is a former heavyweight world-champion kickboxer. He is featured in a number of films, most notably three appearances with martial arts master Bruce Lee. Bob Wall appeared in the film Way of the Dragon with Lee, along with Chuck Norris. Among the martial arts Bob Wall has studied Okinawa-te karate under Shihan Gordon Doversola. In 1966, Wall along with karate champion Joe Lewis opened the famous Sherman Oaks Karate Studio in Sherman Oaks, California. In 1968 Lewis sold his share of the studio to Chuck Norris. He also had a supporting role in Lee's most famous film (in the western world) Enter the Dragon. He later appeared in Game of Death, Bruce Lee's incomplete film re-cut in 1979. More recently, in 2009, Wall starred as a bodyguard in the film Blood and Bone. An urban legend surrounding the making of Enter The Dragon claims that he never quite got along with Bruce Lee and that the fight on the parade ground where he smashed the bottles was more than just a managed fight.
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