Robert J. Wilke

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Robert J. Wilke (May 18, 1914 – March 28, 1989) was a prolific American film actor noted primarily for his villainous roles, mainly in westerns. Wilke started as a stuntman in the 1930s and his first appearance on screen was in San Francisco (1936). He soon began to acquire regular character parts, mainly as a heavy, and made his mark when, along with Lee Van Cleef and Sheb Wooley, he played one of the "three men waiting at the station" in High Noon (1952). He became a prominent western "bad guy" after this but unfortunately he was one of those actors who fall into the "man with no name" category. His face was instantly recognisable but few cinemagoers actually knew his name. Unlike Van Cleef, Wilke never got the "big break". Wilke appeared seven times each on the NBC western Laramie and the CBS's Gunsmoke.
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