Richard Brooker

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Richard Brooker (born 1954) is an English stuntman, perhaps best known for his role in Friday the 13th Part III as Jason Voorhees. Brooker, a former trapeze artist, started his career in acting in a casting magazine, "Dramalogue". He began his career in the third Friday the 13th film, and later appeared in small film roles in Deathstalker, Deep Sea Conspiracy, and the television series Trapper John, M.D.. Brooker later became a director, for such notable series such as Bill Nye the Science Guy, and worked as producer on several sports programmes, such as Fox Sports, polo and horse shows. He currently has shifted gears from filmmaker and actor to businessman, creating his own website design company, Production Access Network. This is similar to "scream queen" Heather Langenkamp, of A Nightmare on Elm Street fame, who is a full-time business woman and a part-time actress. From "Dramalogue", he was selected to be the third psychotic, deformed, machete-wielding serial killer Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th Part III (with Ari Lehman in Friday the 13th and Steve Dash in Friday the 13th Part 2) as director Steve Miner wanted a bigger man for the role (standing at 6' 3").
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