Phil Dodds

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Philip Van Weems Dodds (~1951 – October 6, 2007), credited as Phil Dodds, was an audio engineer who appeared in the 1977 motion picture Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Working for ARP Instruments, Inc., Dodds was on the set to install and manage the ARP 2500 synthesizer used in the movie to play the five alien tones, and to program it for the sounds the filmmakers wanted. He had performed a similar function on other science fiction films, such as Logan's Run, and some of the early Star Trek movies. Steven Spielberg, liking his looks, offered him a part in the movie on the spot; he spent the next nine weeks filming the now-iconic final scenes of the movie. He has considerable screen time for an extra, playing the notes on the synthesizer under the direction of several scientists and musicians, and gazing raptly up at the alien spaceship. In the film's credits, Dodds's name appears twice — once as "Jean Claude" (as Philip Dodds) and once as "ARP Musician" (as Phil Dodds), though we don't know which said his one line: "What are we saying to each other?".
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