Michael Mahonen

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Michael Mahonen (born April 27, 1964) is a Canadian actor, director and screen writer. As a child Michael did not have a particular interest in acting and looks back on his first acting experience as something he wasn’t the least bit interested in or inspired to do. “It was some sort of Charlie Brown show in grade three or four,” he says. “I was given the part of Charlie, and I remember having to be forced to learn my lines at the last minute and was quite bored with the actual work aspect. I liked just hanging out with the other kids when we rehearsed. The poor teacher was so frustrated with me and my lines and was quite nervous about the whole thing from what I remember.” Michael felt prompted to take an acting class in seventh grade. Once a week he made the trek across town in the middle of winter, to attend an evening acting class held by a man who had arrived in town looking for employment. The class ended abruptly, but the teacher took him aside and told him that when it came time to think of what he wanted to do for a living he should seriously consider acting.
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