Marianne Hoppe

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Marianne Hoppe (April 26, 1909 – October 23, 2002) was a most distinguished German theatre and film actress. Born in Rostock, Marianne Hoppe became a leading lady of stage and films in Germany. She was born into a wealthy land owning family and was initially privately educated on her father's private estate. Later she attended school in Berlin and in Weimar, where she began to attend theatre. Hoppe first performed at 17 as a member of Berlin's Deutsches Theater under director Max Reinhardt. In 1935 she was hired by the controversial German actor and Director of the Prussian State Theatre under the Third Reich, Gustav Gründgens. They were married from 1936-1946. Speaking years after the marriage had ended Hoppe stated, "He was my love, but never my great love, that was work." One of the characters in the film Mephisto is based on her. Another is based on Gründgens. Hoppe made no secret of her contacts with the Nazi elite in the 1930s and 40's, including being invited to dinner by Hitler. Her role in Der Schimmelreiter (The Rider of the White Horse, 1933) made her famous almost overnight, while her "Aryan" face made her a darling of the Nazi elite.
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