Lachy Hulme

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Lachy Hulme (born 1 April 1971) is an Australian-born actor and screenwriter. He wrote the feature film Men With Guns, and co-wrote (with director Matthew George) Let's Get Skase, a comedy-adventure, which Hulme starred in. He also co-starred as Sparks in the Enter The Matrix video game. Hulme has lived most of his life in Melbourne, Australia, but moved to Los Angeles for two years to improve his career. Hulme attended high school at Melbourne's Wesley College, graduating with honors in drama. He is best known as the character Sparks in the Matrix trilogy and the video game Enter The Matrix. He was considered for the role of The Joker in Christopher Nolan's film, The Dark Knight; however, Hulme did not receive that part. Hulme starred in Macbeth (2006), as Macduff, and in BoyTown (2006), as music impresario Marty Boomstein. He also starred in the little seen thriller Four Jacks (2000) for which he won Best Actor in the Melbourne Underground Film Festival awards in 2001. Hulme has been featured in many Australian TV shows such as White Collar Blue, Stingers, Blue Heelers and Raw FM.
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