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Kenneth Mars (April 4, 1935 – February 12, 2011) was an American television, movie, and voice actor. He may be best-remembered for his roles in several Mel Brooks films: the insane Nazi playwright Franz Liebkind in 1968's The Producers, and the relentless Police Inspector Hans Wilhelm Fredrich Kemp in 1974's Young Frankenstein. He also appeared in several seasons of Malcolm in the Middle as Otto, Francis' well-meaning but dim-witted boss. He's also well known as the voice of King Triton in The Little Mermaid and ensuing media. Mars also did several other animated voice over film roles such as Littlefoot's grandpa in the Land Before Time serise and that of King Colbert (Prince Cornelius's father) in Thumbelina. Born in Chicago, Illinois, Kenneth Mars studied fine arts and acting at Northwestern University. After graduation he began acting in the early 1960s, then did small roles in theater followed by TV and film. Mars made his acting debut in 1962 as a book publisher on the comedy series Car 54, Where Are You?. Afterwards, he appeared on such television series as Gunsmoke, Get Smart, McMillan & Wife, and The Bob Crane Show. Mars played Harry Zarakartos on the sitcom He & She.

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