Glenn Corbett

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Glenn Corbett (August 17, 1933 — January 16, 1993) was an American actor, best known for his roles as the original Zefram Cochrane, the inventor of warp drive, on the original Star Trek series, and on CBS's adventure drama Route 66. Corbett, as Lincoln Case, replaced George Maharis (who played "Buz Murdock") as Martin Milner's Route 66 co-star during part of the third season and the fourth, and final, season of the series (1963–64). Other regular TV roles were as 'Wes Macauley' on It's a Man's World (1962–63), with co-stars Ted Bessell, Randy Boone, and Michael Burns, in the role of Wes's younger brother, Howie. In the 1965-1966 season, Corbett guest starred on the ABC Western The Legend of Jesse James. Corbett appeared as Chance Reynolds, a regular cast member on the NBC Western The Road West (1966–1967), with co-stars Barry Sullivan, Kathryn Hays, Andrew Prine, Brenda Scott, and Kelly Corcoran. He was featured in 1964 as Dan Collins in an episode of Gunsmoke entitled "Chicken"; A man gets an undeserved reputation as a gunman when he's found at a way station with four dead outlaws at his feet. The episode was about pride.
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