Giuseppe Andrews

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Giuseppe Andrews (born Joey Andrews; April 25, 1979) is an American film actor, writer, and director known for his roles as Lex in the 1999 film Detroit Rock City, a bizarre sheriff's deputy in Cabin Fever (2002), a small role in Never Been Kissed (1999), as well as appearances in The Smashing Pumpkins videos "1979" and "Perfect". Andrews has enjoyed considerable success and notoriety for writing, directing, scoring, editing, shooting and producing a number of avant-garde films, and for directing several experimental independent movies. Andrews was born as Joey Andrews in Key Largo, Florida. His cinéma vérité-meets-exploitation filmmaking style has been compared to that of John Waters and Harmony Korine. He grew up in trailer parks, which feature prominently, along with their inhabitants, in many of his films. He also spent time living in a van with his father before they were both cast in an infomercial, which led to more acting jobs for Giuseppe. Director Adam Rifkin: "Giuseppe Andrews is the most ferociously original filmmaker working in cinema today. No matter what new things he tries, everything is always signature Giuseppe Andrews. He is a true auteur.


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