Giovanni Lombardo Radice

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Giovanni Lombardo Radice (born 23 September 1954) is an Italian film actor, better known to audiences as John Morghen. Radice is mostly famous for the gruesome death scenes his characters fall victim to in films such as Cannibal Ferox. In an interview on the old horror site, Radice stated that he wished he had never portrayed Mike Logan in the aforementioned film. He has fond memories of Lucio Fulci and is described as 'wonderful' by Fulci's daughter, Antonella. He created his stage name John Morghen by taking the anglicized form of his first name (Giovanni becomes John) and using his grandmother's maiden name as his last name (Morghen). His family practically disowned him when they discovered he was using his family name to create incredibly violent films. Radice has refused to carry out any animal killings in film and has voiced strong objections to their filming such as in Cannibal Ferox.
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