Frank Delfino

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Frank Delfino (February 13, 1911 – February 19, 1997), was an American actor. Delfino was a midget, and most of his roles were related to his small stature. Delfino was born in Brooklyn, New York. Standing 4 feet, 3 inches tall, he became a professional violinist and performed in "Midget Village" at the 1933 Chicago World's Fair. Delfino began his professional acting career appearing as "Johnnie" selling cigarettes for Philip Morris and subsequently appeared in advertisements for Curtis Candy, Little Caesar's Pizza, Sprite, and Snickers, as well as appearing in commercials for McDonalds, beginning in 1971 and continuing for more than 20 years, portraying what was perhaps his best known character, The Hamburglar. In 1949, Delfino moved to Los Angeles to perform in his own local cartoon show, Jupiter Mars from Out of the Stars and made his feature film debut in 1956 with an uncredited role in The Court Jester.
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