Ernest Liu

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Ernest Liu (born 1979) played the role of Scott Fuller in From Dusk Till Dawn. It has been noted by some that Scott Fuller is "the weakest character Quentin Tarantino has ever written for the screen," and "Edward Norton couldn't bring Scott Fuller to life if he were Laurence Olivier's only son." Nonetheless, Ernest gave all an actor could give to the role, including gaining 35 pounds and breaking up with his long time girlfriend at the time, Tammy Darwish. He was born in 1979 in the year of the Sheep, a further testament to his creativity. Prior to his role as Scott Fuller, Ernest gave meaning to Doug Hoo in The Westing Game. While his acting talent was never fully appreciated (see John Tesh's editorial in the December 16, 1997 edition of "Variety" for a fuller analysis of Ernest's thespian abilities or lack thereof), Ernie nonetheless maintained credibility amongst actors in the Los Angeles area for his coordination of the Screen Actors Guild's commercial strike in 2000. Whilst Ernest fascination with all things Salma Hayek was well documented on his now defunct blog , he has since left his monomania for the brown beauty behind.
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