Donna Hardy

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Dona Hardy, also known as Donna Hardy (December 3, 1912 – February 13, 2011) was an American film and television actress. Born as Jean Dona Barley, the Los Angeles-born Hardy began her acting career very late in life, in her mid-70s in 1987, usually playing sweet, sometimes deceptively harmless-looking old ladies. Her last role was in 2010. In the early 1930s she toured the United States with a dance troupe, but left and returned to her native Los Angeles during the Depression. She dated an up and coming, but still largely unknown, actor named Anthony Quinn but left him for someone she liked better. She was the Executive Director of a United Way affiliate, and retired at age 66, when she looked to begin her acting career. During her acting career, she bedded John Ritter, kissed Matthew Perry and was asked by faux-auteur Jerry Stiller (in The King of Queens) to consider "some tasteful nudity" for a community theater production of The Gin Game. Hardy worked with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Richard Dawson in her first film credit, the Stephen King-penned thriller, The Running Man, in which she had played "Mrs. McArdle" and had to say a certain 12 letter hyphenated vulgarism.
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