Dian Bachar

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Dian Bachar (pronounced /ˈdiːən bəˈhɑr/; born October 26, 1970 in Denver, Colorado) is an American actor. He is most notable for his roles in various films by or starring his friends Trey Parker and Matt Stone, such as Cannibal! The Musical (George Noon), Orgazmo (Ben Chapleski) and his most famous role as Kenny "Squeak" Scolari in 1998's BASEketball, as well as making the occasional appearance on South Park. He also appeared as an alien engineer in Galaxy Quest, although the bulk of his scenes were cut (but can be seen on the DVD). Dian Bachar attended Chatfield High School. Bachar then attended the University of Colorado at Boulder where he met Matt Stone and Trey Parker. From there he went on to star in the student film, Cannibal! The Musical, for internship credit. Bachar also co-starred with Parker in Orgazmo playing the eponymous character's sidekick Choda Boy, and played multiple parts in Parker and Stone's short lived series Time Warped. Bachar shared an apartment with Parker and Stone up until 1997.
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