Dagny Hultgreen

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' ' ' Dagny Hultgreen' ' ' is a film actress was born in September 19th, 1962, in Toronto, Canada, She was the sister of Kara Hultgreen who was a first female US Navy fighter pilot was killed in training while attempting to land an F-14 on an aircraft carrier in san diego in October of 1994, She resides in Beverly Hills, California with her family. She started her acting career in 1991, Martial Law II: Undercover as Kristine Richards, and In 1994, She did Speed as a Reporter, In 1996, She was a News Correspendent on E! News Live! and E! News daily and She was Nominated as a Outstanding Special Class Program for E! News Live!, In 1999, She hosted a E! Special Live Countdown to the academy awards. Prior working on E! Entertainment Television, She started her career in 1993 as a Entertainment Reporter at KTTV Good Day, L. A. Prior working at KTTV, She was also a News Anchor at WPXI-TV in Pittsburgh, PA. She is married to Michael J. Dubleko and has three daughters named Skylar, Paige and Taylor.
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