Chuck Campbell

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Chuck Campbell (born 5 August 1969) is a Canadian actor who portrayed the role of Chuck the Technician on Stargate Atlantis. He had a role in the webseries, Sanctuary. Campbell was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He got a BA in Theatre at Dalhousie University. He started his career in acting working with theatre troupes touring the US and Canada. He later moved to Toronto to start work in film and television, and also did a lot of radio and voice acting. He resides in Vancouver, British Columbia. Campbell was hired as a stand in for Joe Flanigan for Stargate Atlantis:Rising (Part 1) but was actually used as the stand-in for David Hewlett, and has continued to be his stand-in until the show ended. He was given an acting role in the Season 1 episode The Brotherhood by Martin Wood and has appeared in over thirty episodes since. From the beginning of Season 2 he essentially replaced the character of Peter Grodin as Elizabeth Weir's assistant after Grodin was killed in The Siege part 1. For three seasons, Campbell's character did not have a name, and he was always credited as "the technician".
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