Branscombe Richmond

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Branscombe Richmond (born August 8, 1955) is an American character actor and stuntman. He is sometimes credited in films as Richmond Branscombe, Ranscombe Richmon, Ranhome Quickman or Branscom Richmond. Richmond was born in Los Angeles, California, the son of Leo C. Richmond, an actor and stuntman. He appeared as a cop named Harker in the pilot and all 10 episodes of Hawaiian Heat in the fall of 1984 on ABC. The show quickly failed pitted against the ratings juggernaut Dallas. In the fall of 1986 he then appeared as another cop, Sergeant Luke Halui, in all 13 episodes of Heart of the City. It was the second lowest rated show that season, due to having to do battle with NBC's Top 20 hits The Golden Girls and Amen, as well as losing out to CBS's The New Mike Hammer. It ranked only 78th out of 79 shows, with a 7.2/12 rating/share and lasted only 13 episodes. Probably his most well known and prominent TV role was in 1990s hit syndicated TV series Renegade as Bobby Sixkiller. He also appeared the minor role as Moki in the pilot film of Magnum, P.I., before the role was taken over by another actor for the series (he played several bad guy bit parts in later episodes).
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