Bill Timoney

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Bill Timoney, born William Regan Timoney on March 5, 1958 in Teaneck, New Jersey, is an American actor. He is the brother of actor Mike Timoney. Perhaps the best known of Timoney's roles on television is as the character of Alfred Vanderpool on All My Children. The musical team Boyz II Men drew inspiration from Timoney's Vanderpool, and Nathan Morris, one of its tenors, used the stage name "Alex Vanderpool" in the character's honor early in the team's career. Bill is also well known as a voice actor and ADR director, primarily working on English-language dubs of Japanese anime, especially TAJ Productions dubs. His major works as a voice actor include Parn in Record of Lodoss War, multiple roles in the notorious Legend of the Overfiend, Kuroneko in Trigun, and Dr. Yung in The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon. (For his roles in Legend of the Overfiend and The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon, Bill used a pseudonym, "Billy Regan." He also provides the voice of Harley in the series.) In 2006, Bill returned to the big screen as Professor Sorel in the surreal Hammer Films-Mario Bava tribute, Sea of Dust. He returned to the Pokémon series in 2007 as the voice of Nando, Dr.
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